Police Station Attendance and Assistance if Under Investigation

MSM Law provides a 24 hour emergency service for all those under arrest and will attend police stations immediately to assist when requested. This is at no cost to you as free legal aid is available for those under arrest or due to attend at a police station for interview under caution.

It is essential that you obtain the best advice at an early stage as this could prevent you from being charged or, if charged, could prevent you from being convicted.

A solicitor will have conduct of your case at every stage from police station attendance until the conclusion of your case. Continuity is central to our services. Your case will always be dealt with by a Solicitor who is experienced in dealing with the type of offence you are accused of. We also have a dedicated team who specialise in more serious offences including allegations of murder and complex fraud.

If you are arrested or attend voluntarily at a police station as a suspect, you must be cautioned and informed that you have the right to free and independent legal advice. You have the right to remain silent and should seek legal advice before you say or do anything. The approach that you take at the police station will impact upon the outcome of your case.

Many people are arrested on suspicion of crimes that they have not committed. A person should only be arrested if there are reasonable grounds to suspect involvement in a crime. Just because an individual is arrested, does not mean that they are guilty of the suspected crime. After the arrest, police may seek to take your fingerprints and a DNA sample. You may also be interviewed as part of the investigation. We can also take instructions from those who are concerned if a family member is under arrest.

You should consult MSM Law as quickly as possible for advice regarding any potential arrest or investigation and before any action has commenced ideally.

We can assist whether you are considered a suspect or a witness.

Ultimately the decision on any final charges is normally taken by the Public Prosecution Service and not the Police.

There may also be discussions with Police or the Public Prosecution Service in relation to informal disposals, rather than a Court conviction.

Serious Fraud Investigations and Prosecutions

MSM Law specialise in defending fraud and serious financial cases. We can assist in relation to complex financial investigations and prosecutions representing individuals and companies in such situations.

Often cash or assets will be seized or frozen, resulting in forfeiture proceedings being instigated. MSM Law can assist you in these circumstances also.

MSM Law can also provide advice in relation to complex cyber-crime issues.

Police Station Attendance

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