Criminal Law

MSM Law is a specialist firm with extensive experience representing clients who are under investigation or due to appear in court. We provide a 24/7 service for anyone detained at the police station so that you can get our expert advice and assistance at the earliest opportunity.

Our involvement is crucial from the initial interview stage, or voluntary attendance, and throughout your case which may include formal court proceedings and possibly a subsequent appeal.

We understand that involvement with the criminal justice system can be extremely stressful for a client, their family and will impact upon their daily lives significantly. We know our valued clients appreciate the high quality advice and representation we provide in those challenging times. We are proud to be there ensuring that your rights are protected and you gain as much assistance as possible to endure those pressures.

It is important to remember that requesting the advice of a criminal defence solicitor does not mean you are admitting any form of wrongdoing.

If you have been arrested, summonsed or charged to appear at Court in relation to a criminal offence, you should immediately seek our expert legal advice. One of our team of solicitors will be able to assist you immediately and advise you on how best to defend your case.

Criminal charges can result from an arrest and subsequent charge to Court. Alternatively, you may be reported for an offence and summonsed to attend Court by the Public Prosecution Service. If you are charged or summonsed to go to Court, you will be given a date to appear in the Magistrates Court initially. The case will then be resolved at Magistrates Court level or alternatively, transferred to the Crown Court for Trial. A contest at Magistrates Court level will take place before the District Judge. At Crown Court level, any verdict will normally be decided by a jury of twelve people rather than a District Judge. MSM Law will provide clear advice and the best possible strategy for your particular case.

Our advocacy services, advice and representation are available at all court levels and at all relevant locations across the jurisdiction, whether in the Magistrates Court, High Court, County Court, Crown Court or Court of Appeal.

MSM Law wants to ensure that the best outcome is achieved for you. We will guide you through every step of the process, regardless of what stage you are at.

MSM Law will provide expert advice and discuss your case in detail, advising you on the strengths and weaknesses of the case against you.

Many clients will be eligible for free criminal Legal Aid. We can assist you in completing the relevant legal aid application along with the financial assessment form as necessary.

Please get in touch to discuss your individual case with us.

Serious Fraud Investigations and Prosecutions

MSM Law specialise in defending fraud and serious financial cases. We can assist in relation to complex financial investigations and prosecutions representing individuals and companies in such situations.

Often cash or other assets will be seized or frozen, resulting in forfeiture proceedings being instigated. MSM Law can assist you in these circumstances also.

MSM Law can also provide advice in relation to complex cyber-crime issues.

Criminal Advocacy and Court Representation

All criminal cases start at the Magistrates Court and the vast majority conclude at that level. The Solicitors in MSM Law are experienced Advocates, whether in conducting bail applications, a plea in mitigation or contested hearings.

At Crown Court level, MSM Law can also assist with your Trial. An experienced Solicitor will prepare and present your case to the Court. We will assess the evidence, listen carefully to your instructions, instruct expert witnesses where appropriate, consider your options and the various possible case results.

Children and the Criminal Justice System

MSM Law frequently assist young people who are involved with the Police, Youth Engagement Clinics or Youth Conferences.

We also assist young clients at the Youth Court. Cases involving young people under the age of eighteen are generally dealt with at Youth Court level. The case is heard before a District Judge and a Lay Panel.


Whether your case was dealt with by the Magistrates Court or Crown Court, MSM Law can assist in advising you in relation to your right to appeal. There are strict time limits involved however and immediate advice should be sought.

MSM Law would invite you to further discuss the possibility of any Appeal in a free no obligation consultation.

MSM Law has a dedicated Parole Commissioner Licence Recall Department.


Extradition is the legal transfer process of moving a client from one state to another for prosecution, sentencing or punishment. If a crime is suspected or committed within a certain jurisdiction but the offender is no longer located there, extradition provides the means for a state to extend their jurisdiction.

MSM Law is experienced in contesting extradition proceedings from the arrest or appearance at the initial court hearing through to appeal proceedings at the High Court.

Our dedicated solicitors will assist you if you are wanted in a foreign jurisdiction.

You should contact MSM Law as early as possible for advice.

We can also assist in cross-border investigations and advice is immediately available upon request.

Each person's circumstances will be different but MSM Law can assist at all stages up to Supreme Court level and European Court level if required.

Criminal Law

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