Child Contact

Child Law

We understand how difficult child law cases can be, but if you face a dispute regarding your child or children, you will want the experience and determination of our Family Law team in your corner.

We also represent parents in what are called private law disputes regarding contact, residence and parental responsibility. In addition we often defend and represent parents in applications brought by social services.

"Every Decision must be made in the Best Interests of the Child."

No-one can underestimate the importance of a child in a family and the Courts are guided by the fundamental principle of the Best Interests of the Child.

We at MSM Law are experienced family law practitioners and understand that issues involving contact with children need to be dealt with sensitively and compassionately.

Our Family Law Department are at hand to advise you from the start of a relationship breakdown the various options available to a mother or father. We are experienced in dealing with matters as amicably as possible in order to resolve disputes outside of the Court. We understand that the thought of Court proceedings can be very daunting and so if Court proceedings are necessary we are there every step of the way with you to guide you through the process.

We are experts in representing clients in a variety of applications before every tier of the Court system and we can advise clients of Court applications such as Contact, Residence, Parental Responsibility, Prohibited Steps and Specific Issue Orders. It is important that you obtain the correct legal advice and each of our Family Law Solicitors have a wealth of experience to support and advise you.

We offer an initial free 30-minute consultation so please do not hesitate to contact our Family Law Department.

Client care

We appreciate that in urgent situations you will require immediate action. To enhance our service to our clients, we can meet you remotely or in person as required out of office hours, if helpful, to draft Court applications and to consult together to fully discuss your options.

When you instruct us, we will keep you fully informed at each step in the proceedings. You will have the e-mail address and contact telephone number of your Solicitor for urgent or out of hours advice.

We will provide continuing support until your case is concluded.