Human Rights/Inquests

MSM Law are determined to champion equality but also protect the freedoms and rights of our clients. We represent citizens who believe that their human rights have been infringed or undermined and can advocate for you in those circumstances to help. We can assist in many types of cases and have helped clients to successfully challenge injustice via a human rights action or a personal injury or negligence claim.

The Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights, along with other instruments, can be utilised to offer protection and facilitate enforcement of your rights. All public bodies who carry out public functions such as the Police and Hospitals must comply with the Human Rights Act.

There are various funding arrangements available depending on your particular case. If you contact us one of our human rights solicitors will advise you of the various options and the most appropriate way to progress your case.

MSM Law has an impressive and passionate team of Human Rights Lawyers who will advocate for you. We specialise in a variety of human rights cases including:

  • Public Law
  • Deprivation of liberty
  • Actions against the Police
  • Prisoner rights
  • Education rights
  • Abuse claims
  • Fatal accident claims
  • Inquests
  • Healthcare
  • Housing Rights
  • Refugee support
  • Inhumane or degrading treatment
  • False imprisonment
  • Right to a fair hearing
  • International Human Rights abuses
Human Rights

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