Divorce, Separation and Matrimonial Finance Issues

These cases can be costly in various ways, in terms of the personal strain and financially. Couples are often spending more than £40,000 when they divorce or separate. A study from life insurer Aviva dated 19th August 2014 reveals the hidden costs of divorce as £21,979 per person or £43,958 per couple. Yet almost a third of couples indicated they attempted to reach an amicable settlement to save costs and fees.

Eamon O'Connor heads our Family Law Department. He has specialised in Family and Child Law for almost twenty years. He is a member of the Law Society Children Order Panel of Solicitors and the Northern Ireland Guardian Ad Litem Panel of Solicitors. He is assisted by Juliana Eastwood Solicitor and a professional support team. We understand the stresses, both emotional and financial, of trying to unravel and settle financial issues following the breakdown of a relationship. This can involve the sale of a family home, the valuation/sharing of pensions and the transfer of assets.

We at MSM Law wish to provide you with a client focused and forward thinking approach to resolving your dispute. We understand you will wish to preserve the assets you have worked hard to build up, particularly if you have children. Our experienced Family Law team will explore with you whether an alternative dispute resolution and a less adversarial approach would work best. We will encourage the use of mediation and the Collaborative Law model where appropriate. Eamon O'Connor has previously provided family mediation as a Trained Mediator with Family Mediation N.I.

This is with the objective of resolving your dispute as quickly as possible, with the least possible financial and emotional cost.

If, however, your case requires to go to Court, we can still offer a helpful approach, by adopting the Ancillary Relief Pre-Action Protocol for the swift advancement of your case through Court.

We will be proactive, efficient and always determined to ensure you obtain a fair and just outcome for your situation.

We have impressive in-house advocacy skills but also a close working relationship with leading Barristers/Actuaries/Accountants to ensure a holistic and, where necessary, an aggressive approach is taken to identify, value and negotiate issues around assets to ensure successful outcomes for all our clients.

Child Law

Eamon O'Connor was the first Solicitor Advocate from Northern Ireland to appear in the Supreme Court. He has taught Solicitors and Social Workers at Queens University. He represented a parent in a leading case Re O and S (Residence Order: Contact: Implacable Hostility) which discussed the transfer of residence from one parent to another.

We understand how difficult child law cases can be, but if you face a dispute regarding your child or children, you will want the experience and determination of our Family Law team in your corner.

We also represent parents in what are called private law disputes regarding contact, residence and parental responsibility. In addition we often defend and represent parents in applications brought by social services.

Client care

We appreciate that in urgent situations you will require immediate action. To enhance our service to our clients, we can meet you out of office hours, if helpful, to draft Court applications and to consult together to fully discuss your options.

When you instruct us, we will keep you fully informed at each step in the proceedings. You will have the e-mail address and mobile telephone number of your Solicitor for urgent or out of hours advice.

We will provide continuing support until your case is concluded.

Family Law – Divorce, Separation and Child Contact issues

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