Wills and Probate Services

If you haven't made a will, those you care about may be burdened by worries on top of their bereavement. By making a will you can choose what will happen after your death. You can even include funeral arrangements. You can choose how your family will benefit. Without a will the law makes rules for what will happen and those rules may not suit you.

We can help set out how you can best provide for your family. We will also point out any difficulties that may arise and suggest ways of dealing with these. You make it easier for us if you bring with you a list of your assets and the full names and addresses of those people or charities you wish to benefit. A simple will, made by us is quite inexpensive and can be reviewed regularly as and when your circumstances change.

In the event of a death, there may be a requirement for a solicitor to deal with the affairs to the deceased. This can include applying for a Grant of Probate from the Courts, perhaps selling a property or dealing with savings and shares. These can be daunting tasks for the Executors of an Estate. We can help guide you through the entire process.

Wills and Probate Services

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